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AirPal Spectra News

Aquatron, LLC.
614 Route 288
Ellwood City, PA. 16117

Aquatron Introduces AirPal Spectra™ to Improve Residential Indoor Air Quality

Ultra-violet technology helps eliminate germs and viruses spread by home heating/air-conditioning systems

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Tuesday, July 21,1998
Contact: Aquatron, LLC. 724-421-3467.

Ellwood City, PA. -- Aquatron, LLC. is introducing the AirPal Spectra™, an environmentally friendly device that kills many of the bacteria and viruses spread through homes by heating and air- conditioning systems. Today's energy-efficient homes are sealed tighter than ever and circulate an increasingly greater concentration of microbes through the air. The AirPal Spectra™, which is installed in the system's ductwork, destroys those germs with a specific spectrum of UV light.

"The AirPal Spectra™ was developed to eliminate or reduce the microbes that even the most efficient air filters cannot capture," according to Stan Bach, owner of Aquatron and inventor of the AirPal Spectra™. "It is safe, effective without chemicals and utilizes tested, environmentally- friendly UV light technology."

According to the American Lung Association, a significant segment of the U.S. population suffers from allergies caused by bioaerosols - mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Filters and other air cleaning devices do not completely remove bioaerosols and in many cases worsen the problem.

The AirPal Spectra™ is installed in the heating and air conditioning system and is powered by regular household current. It has a dual cartridge design that is typically installed at the cold air return of the system. As the air passes the lamps, the UV lights silently destroy or inhibit the formation of airborne germs and viruses. There is also a model also particularly effective on mold and odors. The UV light eliminates the microbes by being absorbed by the proteins within the bacteria or virus.

"No other residential UV device is more effective or safer than the Air Pal Spectra™", according to Bach. "We have spent over a year refining the design and testing to provide a solution to the ever increasing concern about residential indoor air quality." he added. The AirPal Spectra™ works 24 hours a day using less energy than a 60 watt light bulb.

The Company reports that the initial response to the Air-Pal Spectra™ by consumers and heating and air conditioning contractors has been very favorable. For additional information on the product and pricing customers can call their heating and air conditioning contractor or Aquatron LLC. at 724-421-3467

About Aquatron

Started in 1998 in Solon, Ohio, about twenty miles east of Cleveland, Aquatron develops and markets ultra violet devices for residential airborne germicidal applications. Aquatron is now located in Ellwood City, PA..